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What is NotYetPro?

NotYetPro celebrates and empowers amateur athletes with a sports specific social network that allows them to self-promote and chronicle their career. We are inclusive of all sports, skill levels, ages, and geographies. Our motto is “Everybody Has A Fan!”



Why a Directory?

We’ve been connecting the word through sport since 2006. Although we are an international brand, we recognize that sports starts locally. And as skills progress or needs emerge, that local becomes slightly wider.
Now with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all of us in more ways that we ever imagined… There is a major emphasis on knowing what resources are closest to you. Many may argue the importance of sport at this time. But serious athletes don’t quit, not even in a pandemic.
The NotYetPro directory is here to assist business owners and service providers catering to the global amateur sports world: athletes, their parents, and coaches.



Business Owners

Welcome! This is the place for you to register your business or service and reap the benefits of membership as part of the NotYetPro network. 
Become an active part of the NotYetPro network and support the athletic communities near you. 
At NYP, we’re changing the amateur athletic paradigm for the better, building athletes and programs by connecting them with the professionals that can help move them forward. 
Sports begins at the grassroots level… And especially during these COVID-19 times, the majority of sports programs remain local and small. As athletes and programs need more, the NotYetPro Directory is here.


Shoppers here, means Athletes, Parents of Athletes, Coaches, Programs, etc.
Too often small businesses have not had a website. This hurts their business by making it largely impossible to find these businesses outside of your personal or team’s network. 
We have leveled the playing field and brought to you an array of products and services to satisfy your every athletic need. 
So again, thank you for becoming a NotYetPro customer and supporting our merchants, their community and the global amateur sports economy.